Official Discord Server:
Thunder has one of the most active crypto trading communities populated by some of the smartest traders, analysts, and researchers in the space.

➡️ 24/7 Support

Our global support team is able to offer 1:1 support 24/7 through a dedicated ticket system with an average response time of 2 minutes. Need help or have a question or need help? Join our Discord Server and open a ticket!

➡️ On-Chain Research and Alpha

We've dove head first into DeFi and have built an extremely advanced and well-versed team of researchers and analysts to keep you up to date on launches, airdrops, trends, and more.

➡️ Release Managers

Never miss an NFT mint again. We have a dedicated team of staff always watching for both planned and shock NFT mints to keep you up-to-date.
  • Daily drop schedule (Ethereum, Solana, and more)
  • In-depth NFT release guides
  • NFT after-market research

➡️ Monitors, Scrapers, and Tools

Our Discord Server contains a ton of useful tools to help you track and stay up to date in the market, including:
  • Trending, wallet, and contract Trackers
  • Twitter monitor
  • Whale wallet monitor
  • NFT collections monitor
  • Verified contract monitor
  • New contracts monitor
  • NFT sweep monitor
  • Project rank monitor
  • News feeds
  • Raffle alerts
  • Trending tokens monitor
  • DeFi token scraper
  • Position-tracking
  • NFT rarity scraper
  • Real-time token prices
  • QuickTask generation based on links from:
    • Manifold
    • Fair
    • Bueno
    • Catchmint
    • And all token and NFT contracts
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